Table Games

Punt Casino has all the top online table games. Real money internet gamblers are spoilt for choice at the casino. All the popular casino games are available in their many versions. Games that players can expect to play include online roulette, online blackjack, online craps, online baccarat and online poker. But before we begin to go into detail on the various types of games available, let us bring new gamblers up to speed.

What is a casino table game

Generally what is described as a casino table game is a gambling game that is played on or with the aid of a table. These games come in many forms. Some of the games utilize dice, others use decks of playing cards while others use wheels.

The diversity of the games points to a very rich history. These games were developed in many different civilisations across hundreds of years. However, now because of the internet, casino games can come in more fascinating and rewarding formats. This is because internet casinos are not restricted in space and operating costs are significantly lower. That is why Punt Casino has so many online casino table games and the Return to Player is so high. (the Return to Player is the amount of money that the player can win back after some time playing the games.

Types of Real money casino table

  • Online roulette– this is a casino game that is played on a table with the aid of a roulette wheel. The objective of the game is to guess on which number the roulette ball will fall within the roulette wheel. European Roulette has 37 pockets on the wheel while American Roulette has 38 pockets.
  • Online Blackjack-blackjack is played against the dealer. This game has many varieties including Atlantic, Double Exposure and European Blackjack. Regardless of the many forms of the game, the basics are the same. Beat the dealer’s hand without getting a hand total higher than 21.
  • Online Baccarat -the game of baccarat is a very fun game that is played with a deck of cards like Blackjack. The difference in the games are the card values and the target hand value. In baccarat, the objective is to have a hand as near to 9 as possible.
  • Online Craps -this is the game that is captivating South African gamblers. The game is played on a table with the aid of two dice. Players have to guess the outcome of the dice roll to win real money.